Standard Securities Calculation Methods

Fixed Income

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the printed books be available for purchase?

A: The Hard Cover and Paperback format of the printed books are currently available for purchase. Select "Purchase" from the menu.

Q: What electronic formats will the books be available in?

A: Available for purchase now - Interactive Book on the Web (for any device with a web browser and internet access). Coming later this year, Apple Books (for Mac, iPad, and iPhone), Abobe Digital Editions (for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices), To view a sample of the Interactive Books on the Web please select the "Samples" menu option.

Q: Will the printed book be available in paperback or hard cover?

A: The printed books are available for purchase in both hard cover and paperback.

Q: Will the books be available in a PDF format?

A: The books will be available in several digital/electronic formats including Adobe Digital Editions. However, they will not be available as PDFs.

Q: What types of securities are covered in the two book volumes?

A: Volume 1 and Volume 2 include formulas which cover U.S. Treasury, Municipal, Corporate, Agency, and bank securities with the following structures: issued at a discount and pays only principal at maturity; pays interest and principal at maturity; pays a fixed amount of interest periodically; stepped coupons; zero coupons; payment in kind; coupon bearing certificates of deposit.

Q: What security types and calculations will be supported by the Interactive Benchmarking Calculator Website?

A: The Interactive Benchmarking Calculator Website will support all of the security types and all the calculations covered by Volume 1 and Volume 2. To view a demonstration version of the benchmark calculator (restricted to Interest at Maturity Municipal securities) please select the "Benchmarks" menu option.

Q: Before the new Fourth Edition, when were the books last updated?

A: Volume 1 was last updated in 1993 and had a second printing of that edition in 1996 with a few corrections. Volume 2 had its first printing in 1994 and has not been updated until now.

Q: What is new and changed in the two volumes?

A: All of the formulas, processes, calculation examples and benchmarks, in the two volumes, have been updated to reflect current industry standards and conventions. In addition, a section on determining the component part of a coupon period, including quasi-coupons in odd length periods has been added to both volumes. Several formulas for coupon bearing certificates of deposit and payment in kind securities have also been added. For a more complete description of the updates and additions in each volume please select "Volume 1" or "Volume 2" under "Books" the menu.

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